All About Footy Headlines Club - What Advantages You Get - Just €0.83 / Month

On May 7 2020, we announced that we have refreshed the Footy Headlines Club, our premium membership program, also in sight of the Covid-19 crisis. Today we want to take a closer look at which advantages you get by becoming a Footy Headlines Club Member.

Go Premium - Join the Footy Headlines Club for only €10 a year

Exclusive Content:

Footy Headlines Club members see many of the biggest leaks world exclusively before anyone else, including leaks such as Real Madrid's 20-21 home kit.

There are currently two tips of Footy Headlines Club Articles - the first are available for Footy Headlines Club Members only, while the others have a Limited Exclusivity that allows Members to see leaks before the others do.

Most of the Footy Headlines Club articles are more in-depth than the usual content to provide you an even better insight look into the world of football kits and boots.

Go Premium - Join the Footy Headlines Club for only €10 a year

Ad-Free Experience:

Footy Headlines Club Members have no ads on the Footy Headlines website across all devices.

Exclusive Offers At Retailers

Get exclusive offers at affiliated retailers.


  • Make it Your Own Tailor your Footy Headlines experience to your own preferences by adjusting the content mix (less kits, more boots in example)
  • Design Templates: Exclusive Photoshop shirt and boot concept templates


The Footy Headlines Club Membership is available for a fair 10 Euro / year, meaning that you just pay €0.83 / month (six months available for 6 Euro).

To join, simply subscribe below. You will then receive an email with further instructions.

Do you have any further suggestions for Footy Headlines Club? Which type of content would you like to see in the future on the website? Share your thoughts in the comments below.