Bundesliga Return - Most Weird Things Spotted - Digital Choreo, Team-Branded Masks & Celebrations

After more than two months without any matches in any big league, the German Bundesliga returned to action today. Of course, with the coronavirus still around us all, it was not as usual, and that not only because there were no fans in any stadium...

Here Is The 50-Page Bundesliga Concept Document That Allows League To Return Playing In Coronavirus Times

We take a look at some of weird things that happened because of all the necessary measures to reduce the risk of getting infected (Of course, in example, there was no chant by the fans).

Bundesliga Return - Weird Things - Best Of

Virtual Choreography:

The first thing that surprised spectators was that Bundesliga's broadcaster decided to create virtual choreographies. At least those were environmentally friendly...

Custom Face Masks:

BVB, in example, had custom face masks with the team's logos.

Advertisements / 'Virtual' Fans On Tribune:

Some teams decided to install giant adverting posters on their tribune (despite teams obliged not to do so), while Gladbach's tribune featured "cardboard supporters".

Disinfection Of Balls:

The balls were disinfected by the ball kid.

Goal Celebration:

Players were instructed to celebrate without contact, which lead teams and players to invent new goal celebrations. In example, Haaland and BVB celebrated the team's first goal while every player kept the required distance.

Celebration After Match:

Borussia Dortmund celebrated their 4-0 victory against Schalke 04 ahead of the famous 'Südtribune', just without the fans.

Post Match Interviews:

Logically, post-match interviews were also very different to before. They were made on the sidelines and not in the inside of the stadium, and with the necessary distance.

The football itself looked as ever, at least for spectators watching it from far away.

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