Leak Evolution: Adidas Arsenal 20-21 Home Kit

Arsenal's 20-21 home kit boasts a stunning look, which can be seen on various leaked images. However, it has been a long way since the first info about the Arsenal 2020-2021 home kit to the full look at the shirt. We take a look at how the Adidas Arsenal 2020-21 got leaked.

Adidas Arsenal 2020-2021 Home Kit - Leak Evolution

The first color leak for the new Arsenal 2020-2021 home kit emerged in August 2019...

August 2019:

Already in August 2019, the first bit of information about the Arsenal 2020-21 home jersey is leaked. The Arsenal 20-21 home jersey features a slightly darker red color than previous Arsenal jerseys, officially dubbed "active maroon". The color has been previously used for a Bayern Munich pre-match top, in example.

18 November 2019:

Confirming our earlier leak about the colors of the home kit, the first pictures of the Arsenal 2020-21 anthem jacket get leaked. The Adidas Arsenal 20-21 anthem jacket features an all-red design.

Darker Home Kit Confirmed: Arsenal 20-21 Anthem Jacket Leaked

Late November 2019:

A ball that shows off the design of the Arsenal 20-21 kits gets leaked.

23 November 2019:

Based on the leaked ball and other information we received, Footy Headlines creates a first preview of the design of the Arsenal 2020-21 home kit.

December 2019

An image of the shorts of the Arsenal 2020-21 home kit is leaked. The shorts feature a vary basic design that is only slightly different to the 2019-20 shorts.

December 2019 - May 2020:

Some Arsenal fans create concepts of how the Adidas Arsenal 2020-21 home kit could look like. The first "fake leaks" of the Adidas Arsenal 2020-21 home kit make the waves on social media.

FAKE Alert: This is NOT the New Arsenal 20-21 Home Kit

10 May 2020:

The first picture of the Adidas Arsenal 20-21 home is leaked. While showing the Kids' version, it features the correct design of the Adidas Arsenal 2020-21 home kit. The kit is not a secret anymore.

18 May 2020:

More images of the Arsenal 20-21 home kit are getting leaked. They confirm the leak.

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