Nike Liverpool 20-21 Third Kit Prediction

Already on December 1 2019, the socks of the new Liverpool FC 20-21 third uniform got leaked. Since then, all of Nike's 2020-21 third jerseys got leaked, with the exception of Liverpool. Now Bleacher Report have created a render of how the Liverpool FC 20-21 third strip could look like.

Nike Liverpool FC 2020-2021 Third Prediction

This is the new Nike Liverpool FC third prediction.

The Nike Liverpool 2020-2021 third shirt boasts a stylish look in black and pinkish red. The Nike Liverpool FC 20-21 third prediction jersey has checkers on the front, inspired by the leaked socks of the kit.

Bleacher Report's render has a small white collar and pinkish red sleeve cuffs.

The design of the socks is the only thing that is 100% accurate - they are the same as those leaked by Footy Headlines.

Leak Accuracy: 70%

We think that the final Liverpool 20-21 third kit will look different. The checkers might be smaller (or only on parts of the kit), and the collar will be different for sure. The colors and the overall visual appearance should be more ore less correct.

The Nike Liverpool 20-21 third football shirt launches in September 2020.

Liverpool 20-21 Third Kit Socks Leaked - Checker Design

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