The Hidden Detail of Nike's New Neighborhood Pack

Nike's new Neighborhood boot collection was unveiled very recently and some pros have already had them on in training this week.

With the full release of the boots nearing, let's take a closer look at the hidden detail that is the upper graphic that appears across all four silos.

Displayed in the graphic is a number of locations across the world, which appear in the form of postcodes inside the bright red stripe that is featured on every boot from this pack.

Each post code actually represents a street football field, or an area known for street football. Here' the full list, which includes two locations in London, as well as one in Bondy, where Kylian Mbappé grew up.

With this, Nike probably wants to connect these places, where some of today's best players started out, with the modern stadiums they play in today.

What do you think about this cool little detail? Comment below.