Worst & Best Examples: Back Of Football Kits In 2020

Friday, 28 August 2020
Update: Since we first reported about the plain back of football kits more than three months ago (in May 2020), many 2020-21 jerseys have been released. Many of them look great from the front but not so great from the back, while some look good both also if seen from back.

2020-21 Kits With 'Bad Backs':

2020-21 Kits With 'Good Backs':

It is fair to say that 2020 has been a good year for football kits so far, with brands having designed many bespoke yet outstanding kits. However, some only look great at first glance - the back of some shirts is pretty lame...

Back Of Football Kits Is Often Plain

One of the kits that look quite awesome from front but bad from the back is definitely the Adidas Japan 2020 home jersey. Nike's Croatia jersey does also not look really good from the back, there are just too many different geometric shades.

Most of Puma's jerseys look bad from the back as they are very, very often plain, or solid if you prefer. Examples include Italy's and Austria's 2020 kits as well the 2020-2021 jerseys from teams like Marseille, Dortmund and Valencia.

In general, it has to be said that brands are trying to better the back's jerseys - Nike's new 2020 template allows for much more variation and better-looking designs than those Vapor Aeroswift jersey from 2016, which might the worst-ever in terms of designs (no normal sleeves etc).

Examples Of How It Should Be

Of source, there are also various kits that look from the back as good as from the front. A prime example in 2020 is Nike's Barcelona 2020-21 home kit. Others such as Arsenal's 2020-21 home kit do look also quite good with the pattern of the front also on the back (but we would prefer a more classic style).

Arsenal 2020-21 Home Kit

Slovakia 2020-21 Home Kit

Nike Portugal 2020-21 Away Kit

Do you also think that brands should put more focus on the back on football kits? Which is the worst back of a soccer jerseys you know? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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