An Example For Others? Japanese Clubs Provide Exact Fitting Specifications & Other Important Kit Information

Monday, 8 June 2020
Some days ago, Japanese J1 League side Yokohama F Marinos launched a special-edition jersey made by Adidas. With it, the club did not only release a few images but also important information about the product itself.

Kit Release By Japanese Clubs Are In-Depth

Among many other information, Yokohama F Marinos said that the new Adidas 2020 Special-Edition jersey would fit differently to the regular kit, and that fans would therefore thinking about getting one Size up for a more leisured fit.

What Yokohama F Marinos did is nothing extraordinary for Japanese teams, who are well-known for releasing more detailed info than globes from other countries of the world. We take a look at what most Japanese clubs provide together with the kit launch.

Exact Fit Of Jersey:

Japanese teams do not only provide the standard info about the size of a kit (e.g. S,L,M,XL,XXL...) but also information about the exact dimensions of each part of the kit (Hem width, Length, Chest Measurement,Cuff Width).

Kashima Antlers 2020 Home & Away Kits Released: Same "Boring" Away

Based on miteam, the 2020 SE Yokohama F Marinos Adidas kit is more tight-fitting

In example, Kashima Antlers provide the exact parameters of both the authentic and replica Nike jerseys, making it easy to see that the authentic jersey has a more slim fit.

Availability Of Jersey:

When releasing the new 2020 SE kit, Yokohama F Marinos announced that there are exactly 2,000 kits available to order for members and season ticket holders (with three different groups having different dates from when they can pre-order). 500 shirts are available for all others from another date (June 14).

Sometimes it also gets a bit over-complicated. In example, Yokohama F Marinos have different prices for shirt prints depending on the number of letters and figures.

Expected Shipping Times For Jersey:

The Japanese teams also very specifically say when the kit is expected to arrive (It may be delivered on weekdays...)

Full Squad List With Confirmed Numbers & Names On Shirt:

Together with the kit release, the teams also publish a squad list with all confirmed numbers and actual shirt names of players.

Often, the first fans to order the kit are also getting some nice little extras.

Stunning Adidas Yokohama F Marinos 2020 Special Kit Released

Should other clubs follow Japanese clubs? Share your thoughts in the comments below and see Kashima's special news release for an example kit info site.
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