Massive Adidas 20-21 Kit Leak - Arsenal, Celtic, Bayern, Juventus, Madrid & Man Utd - 19 In Total

Today has been possibly the biggest leak day in football kit history with images of not less than 19 Adidas 2020-2021 kits leaked.

Adidas 20-21 Kits

All the pictures of the Adidas 2020-21 soccer jerseys show prototypes / samples. This means that some of them are slightly different to the actual design, e.g. the Juventus 20-21 home kit comes with a black Jeep logo.

Not all kits have been completely leaked yet, with most images only showing off some parts of the jersey.

You can see all leaked Adidas 20-21 jerseys in the Kit Overview.

Which is your favorite Adidas 2020-2021 kit leaked? Which kits do you not like? Comment below.