Feyenoord 20-21 Home Kit Released

Following the release of the away at the start of the month, the Feyenoord 2020-21 home uniform was officially unveiled by the Eredivisie club just now.

Feyenoord 20-21 Away Kit Revealed

Adidas Feyenoord 2020-21 Home Shirt

This is the new Adidas Feyenoord home football shirt for 20-21.

A more modern look to follow last season's very retro-ish design, the Adidas Feyenoord 20-21 jersey of course features the club's trademark red and white halves.

In terms of template, it is based on the one used e.g. For the new Germany and Juventus home shirts, which sees the sleeve design extend to the upper back.

Just like on the away, a minimalist 'Feyenoord Rotterdam' sign can be found on the upper back just below the collar.

Black shorts and socks complete the new Adidas Feyenoord 2020-21 home uniform.

Available since July 14, Feyenoord's new 2020-21 home kit retails at €90.

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