What Is The Actual Color Of The New Puma Man City 20-21 Home Kit?

Sunday, 19 July 2020
Man City yesterday debuted the new Puma 2020-21 home jersey. However, some fans might wondered about the look of the kit on-pitch...

Puma Edit Launch Pictures Of Man City Kit To Make Shirt Look More "Impressive"

Already when Puma released the new Manchester City 2020-21 home kit, we and some other kit specialists already observed that the launch images of the Man City 2020-21 home jersey are different other product and leaked pics. This was confirmed in yesterday's match.

While Puma's launch pictures show a very saturated blue shirt, the actual shirt does come with a rather pale light blue color - the traditional color of Man City kits.

The reason for Puma to edit the launch images is quite obvious - they wanted to make the kit more impressive.

The light blue main color of the Man City 19-20 and 20-21 home kit is identicalIn fact, the main color of the Man City 19-20 and 20-21 home kit is identical - both are "Team Light Blue". The City 19-20 home kit was combined with purple (Tillandsia Purp), while the 20-21 home kit is combined with navy (Peacoat).

If searching online on how to fix your pictures, there are many guides of how you "can make your images look dramatically better". Below is a list called "Image Editing 101 - Fixing Common Problems".

"Image Editing 101":
  • Brightness and contrast: If an image is too bright or too dark, you can adjust the brightness and contrast.
  • Color: If the colors in an image are muted or dull, you can use a variety of color correction tools, including saturation.
  • Sharpness: If an image is less clear than you'd like it to be, you can sharpen it.

During the match, the appearance of the shirt did also change as players started to sweat. But this is nothing really unusual with a rather light jersey.

And as if all this would be not enough, Puma also heavily edited the launch pictures of the new Marseille 2020-21 away kit, making it look turquoise instead of navy.

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