Jubilo Iwata 2020 Limited-Edition Kit Released

Jubilo Iwata's new 2020 limited-edition uniform was revealed a few days ago as part of Puma's annual J-League 'Summer Jersey' launches.

Puma Jubilo Iwata 2020 Limited-Edition Shirt

This is the Jubilo Iwata 2020 limited-edition football shirt, made by Puma.

The Puma Jubilo Iwata 2020 limited shirt is sky blue with a bespoke graphic print on the front, based on the new Puma template.

The front print is inspired by the Tenryū River, while a lightning graphic on the left side of the Puma Jubilo Iwata 2020 limited-edition football shirt references both team owner Yamaha and the electricity between fans and players.

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