Spectacular Updated "Nike By You" Mercurial Superfly & Vapor Boots Released

After they appeared on the site earlier this month before being taken down again, the brand-new "Nike By You" Mercurial Superfly and Vapor boots are now definitely available to customize and order.

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The updated version features the refreshed design that will debut in the upcoming collections that will be released throughout the summer.

2020 Nike By You Mercurial Superfly 7 Boots

2020 Nike By You Mercurial Vapor 13 Boots

This picture shows one of the designs that can be created using the refreshed Nike By You Mercurial Vapor XIII.

A lot of customization options are available, starting with the three base styles:

  • Mercurial Graphic is the graphic found on the regular colorways that will be released this summer, including the one that is yellow with black and white.
  • Flag Graphics are available for a range of countries. A subtle print of the flag appears on the sides of the shoe with a full-color variant featuring on the tongue.
  • Finally, it's also possible to add a bold text to the sides of the shoes, placed behind an outline Swoosh.

Combined with a huge selection of color options, there are near endless possibilities to create unique designs.

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