VfL Wolfsburg To Change Logo?

In 2002, German Volkswagen-owned Bundesliga club Wolfsburg changed its logo. Since then, there have been fans who would like the club to revert to the old crest. Now it appears that Wolfsburg could change its logo soon.

In 2017, a possible new Wolfsburg logo was already spotted by fans in the club's stadium. However, it was likely put by fans to the billboard of the stadium (different font etc).

Old Or New? Wolfsburg Asks Fans In Survey About Logo

In its latest fan survey, VfL Wolfsburg asked their fans about the logo to find out what fans want for their club. The answers did not provide the club with a simple decision-making aid, as reported by local newspaper Wolfsburger Nachrichten.

The results of the survey do not reveal a streamlined opinion. Only the by far largest fan group surveyed, the "Hard Fans" (thoroughbred fans/five or more visits to home games in 2018/19), can therefore identify better with the old, battlemented coat of arms than with the current logo. 66 percent expressed this opinion.

"In terms of numbers, the participation in the other two defined fan groups was significantly smaller. Among the "Fair Weather Fans" (fair weather fans/one to four stadium visits in 2018/19), 40 percent prefer the old emblem, while in the "Potential Fans" category (no stadium visits in 2018/19) the figure is only 34 percent. When asked separately who would like to keep the current logo "by all means", 32 percent of "Die Hard Fans" voted in favour. 49 of the "Fair Weather Fans" and 52 percent of the "Potential Fans" saw it the same way."

Only 33% Of Fans Want An All-New LogoWhat is also interesting is that only 33% of all fans would like the club to get a completely revamped crest.

VfL Managing Director Michael Meeske said: "The survey is part of an ongoing process. We are currently in the process of discussing the results internally and with the fans, so it is still too early to make any concrete decisions. We are engaged in a constructive dialogue and at the end of the process we will set up a working group, including fan representatives, to deal with these issues on a regular basis. There will certainly also be a discussion on design issues from time to time."

"In general, it is important for us in this process to obtain the views of the fans on various aspects of identity, as well as those of the people from the region who are interested in football but are not fans of another club and have not yet been able to build up a bond with us," Meeske continues.

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