Why Most Of The First Nike 2020-21 Vapor Kit Leaks Were Fakes With Real Designs + How To Identify Them

Thursday, 9 July 2020
Throughout the year, pictures of next season's Nike 2020-21 football kits got leaked. However, most of these leaks did only show off the real design of the actual kits but counterfeit products. We find out why most of the first leaks showed fakes and how you can find out if you have an authentic product.

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How To Identify 2020-21 Nike Kit Fakes

Those are all fakes.

There are three reasons for the first 2020-21 Nike leaks to show mostly fakes, with each case different.

1. Nike revealed the 2020 national team kits of Nigeria, USA and South Korea without offering them to buy (in example Nigeria, so fakers produced them and started selling them before Nike)
2. Fakers could the authentic jersey somehow and made fakes of that (Liverpool)
3. Fakers based their counterfeit products on leaks (Inter Milan)

The quality of the fakes heavily depends on what the fake is based on and the seller. Most fakes are pretty bad and easy to identify as fakes,in example those leaked Inter Milan jerseys.

This fake of Inter's 20-21 home kit is bad at first glance

If a football kit design is more hard to fake (in example Nigeria), fakers get big problems to replicate it. Others such as Liverpool's 20-21 home kit are pretty easy to replicate. Those are really hard to identify as fakes. Often, those fakes come with offset logos and bad seams that disclose them as fakes.

All Liverpool 20-21 Nike kits being sold currently are fakesIn fact, the hardest to spot fake is likely Liverpool's 20-21 home kit currently. The kit has not been launched yet, so we can not directly compare the fakes with the authentic jersey - all being sold currently are fakes.

A small but clear indicator for you to find out if you got a fake (just from pictures) is that the font used for the Nike Vaporknit text is different to an authentic jersey, and that the Nike authentic badge has wrong dimensions.

However, pictures often do not show off the real quality of a fake soccer jersey - it is often the case that it gets broken when being washed / worn some times. It is also easy to identify a fake if you both got the real and fake product together.

The best way to prevent getting a fake is to buy only at trusted retailers and the official stores of brandsWhat makes it even harder is that the first fakes of the Nike 2020-2021 Vaporknit kits were much worse than those now being offered, with counterfeit manufacturers always trying to optimize their fakes (at least if there is enough demand).

The best way to prevent getting a fake is to buy only at trusted retailers and the official stores of brands.

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What do you think of Nike's 2020-2021 Vaporknit kit technology? Are you surprised how difficult it is to identify some fakes? Share your thoughts in the comments below.
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