Adidas Manchester United 20-21 Home Kit Inspired By Yarns Of Club Crest

Adidas and Manchester United today released the fresh-looking new 2020/21 home kit. It is inspired by the club’s iconic crest - we take a closer look what that means.

Adidas Manchester United 2020-2021 Home Kit - Design Inspiration

The subtle fabric design of the new Man Utd 20-21 home kit "takes influence from the intricacies of the yarn-stitched application onto the shirt".

Inigo Turner, Design Director at adidas, said: “For this season, we researched the values and iconography that connect athlete and fan, and looked to fuse these with modernity and innovation, to create something that connects the people and stands for unity.”

“We pretty quickly landed on the crest as it is the representation of the heart and passion of the club, it is symbolic and iconic across the world. It is significant as the first component added to each design, and one that makes up the threads of the shirt design for the 2020/21 season.”

The Pattern:

The inspiration comes from the back of the crest, showing the intricacies of the yarn that make up the unique pattern.

"Taking influence from the intricacies of the yarn-stitched application onto the shirt, a fine graphic print provides a unique pattern and detailing onto a colour-block background. The name of the club is also proudly engineered into the print, visible through the use of different red tones."

The Creation Process:

The product team achieved this nuanced design through an innovative ‘space dye’ technique that allows separate yarns to be dyed individually, and at different lengths, to give a finish with depth, and with full details only viewable by the wearer.

The Result (Our Verdict):

The Adidas Manchester United 2020-21 home kit has a fresh look that is surely not a instant hit among many, despite the bespoke inspiration. It could be successful if Manchester United has a successful 2020-2021 campaign wearing it, otherwise we can hardly imagine it to become iconic.

Do you like the new Adidas Man United 2020/21 home uniform and its inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments below.