AS Roma Fans Want Club to Revert Controversial 2013 Logo Change Following Sale of Club

The AS Roma fans want the club to revert back the 2013 logo change, now that the owner who introduced the change has sold the club.

AS Roma Unveil New Club Logo

Friedkin Group completed its takeover of AS Roma in August, paying a reported USD 700 million for James Pallotta's shares.

Pallotta's reign, its highlight moment likely being the 3-0 win over Barcelona in the 2019 Champions League quarter-finals, had overseen the controversial crest change in 2013. Part of the change, the colors to be exact, was already changed back in 2017, three years after the logo debut.

AS Roma to Revert to Traditional Colors in 2017-18

And now that Pallotta's gone, a group of supporters has launched a petition to go back to the old design. Their petition on, "Give us back the coat of arms", has already garnered more than 8,000 signatures, and aims to bring back the design with the ASR acronym and the more traditional illustration of the Wolf and the twins Romulus and Remus.

Dan Friedkin, CEO of Friedkin Group, has not commented on the matter yet, but local media see it as a great opportunity to win over the supporters, especially the most committed ones that fill the Curva.

Following the takeover, he said: “Finally, no comments would be complete without acknowledging the incredible strength, passion and loyalty of the fans and the Curva Sud. We will stand shoulder to shoulder with you as we develop this club and challenge for trophies in the future. We can’t wait to get to work and for our new season to start.”

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