Invert Real Madrid - Manchester United 20-21 Authentic Home Kit Lacks Many Details On Shirt, Shorts & Socks

Friday, 7 August 2020
Manchester United debuted their brand-new Adidas 2020-2021 home kit on Wednesday night - with it, fans could observe that the authentic and replica Manchester United jerseys are very different.

Manchester United 20-21 Home Kit Released - Debut Tomorrow

Authentic and replica kits have been different for Manchester United since several years. However, this year, the differences are bigger than ever before.

Adidas Manchester United 20-21 Replica vs Authentic Soccer Home Kits

The authentic & replica Adidas 20-21 Manchester United kits do not have minor tech differences but remarkable design and tech dissimilarities. The replica version comes with various sleek detailing, including the "Manchester United" letttering woven into the fabric - the authentic jersey material (fabric) comes without it.

Other differences include the crest and Adidas logos (stitched vs heat-printed) and the overall cut of the jersey (usual difference between authentic and replica Adidas kits).

Shorts and socks of authentic and replica Man Utd 20-21 home kit also differ greatly - the replica shorts and socks have a multicolor "yarns" effect, while the authentic come without them (at least the white socks).

Authentic Adidas Manchester United 20-21 Home Kit

Replica Adidas Manchester United 20-21 Home Jersey

Adidas Real Madrid 20-21 Authentic vs Replica Kits - One-of-a-Kind Differences

All this (more details for the fan version) stands in stark contrast to the Real Madrid authentic and replica kits - Real Madrid's replica jersey lacks some detailing of the authentic kit.

The authentic Adidas Manchester United 20-21 home kit retails at a price of 130 USD, while the replica kits are available for 90 USD.

What do you think of Manchester United replica home jersey being different to the authentic jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.
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