Nike Phantom GT FlyEase - First-Ever Nike FlyEase Football Boots Released

On August 3 2020, Nike launched the Phantom GT, "the most data-driven boot Nike has ever created". However, Nike did not only reveal standard versions of the Nike Phantom GT but also the first-ever soccer cleat with FlyEase technology - introducing Nike Phantom GT Academy FlyEase, which hit stores today.

In July 2015, Nike introduced FlyEase on its Zoom Soldier 8 model, inspired by 16-year-old Matthew Walzer, who has cerebral palsy. Walzer wrote a letter to the company asking Nike to consider developing a shoe design for people who may have trouble tying shoelaces.

As of Summer 2020, Nike has running and basketball shoes with its FlyEase entry system, designed for both kids and adults of all abilities. With the Phantom GT Academy FlyEase, Nike brings the FlyEase technology to soccer.

What is Nike FlyEase?

Easy-entry footwear systems designed to help athletes put on and secure their shoes—with zero compromise to fit and performance. Flyease technology includes a strap and zipper that goes around the heel of the shoe. This makes it easier for someone to easily pull the shoes on and off.

Nike Phantom GT Academy FlyEase

Based on the Nike Phantom GT, the new Phantom GT Academy FlyEase boasts the same design but with FlyEase technology - the shoes have a fold-down heel for easy entry and a wrap-around strap in lieu of laces.

The drop-in heel isn’t new for the FlyEase line, using a similar concept as the Nike Air Zoom Universe in basketball. The use of elastic chords instead of magnetics provides differentiation and additional flexibility to the wearer. It also makes it lighter for the pitch.

Apart from the FlyEase, the Nike Phantom GT Academy FlyEase appear is identical to the regular version of the lower-priced Academy edition.

Carson Pickett, defender for the Orlando Pride, remarks about the FlyEase boots and the system, “Honestly, my first reaction when I saw the Phantom GT FlyEase was relief. I thought about my younger self and what it would have meant for me if something like this existed when I was growing up. I feel like this boot represents me and anybody else who is unique. FlyEase is very easy for anybody to put on quickly, which I love.”

“There is no problem getting in it,” she says. “I can’t wear the sock Nike boot because it is hard to get on, but a boot like this helps me get my foot in there super quick and then secure my heel.”

Pickett appreciates that the lack of lacing can help with technique when on the field. “I am a free-kick artist,” she says. Taking multiple set pieces for her teams in Orlando and Australia, she says there have been times she wanted to hit a bending ball and saw shoelaces in the way. “It is going to be amazing for kids to learn and get their art down perfect,” she says. “I have trained in this boot and I love it.”

The Nike GT Academy FlyEase releases in September.

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