Ranking All 20-21 Bundesliga Home Kits - From Worst To Best

The German Bundesliga was the first big league to resume playing after the COVID-19 break, and also the first big league in which all teams have released their 2020-21 home kits. We already took a look at all 2020-21 Bundesliga home jerseys last week - now we rank them from worst to best.

All 18 Home Kits Launched - All Bundesliga 20-21 Kits

2020-2021 Bundesliga Home Kit Ranking

18: Leipzig

Leipzig's Nike home kit for 2020-21 is really, really lame yet bad looking with its 'bold' graphic on the sides.

17: Gladbach

The first to feature new sponsor flatex (and not the yellow Postbank logo anymore), Gladbach's 20-21 home kit looks like teamwear despite being "bespoke".

16: Hoffenheim

Blue, navy, turquoise and white, the Hoffenheim 20-21 home kit is fresh but not great-looking.

15: Augsburg

Augsburg's kit is standard teamwear with all-black logos. It might look good but just does not fit the club and its traditional colors. Imagine this kit for Tottenham and you know what we mean.

14: Wolfsburg

Wolfsburg's kit looks fresh. But that's it.

13: Stuttgart

The Stuttgart 20-21 home kit is overloaded.

12: Union Berlin

A classic look based on the Conidvo 20, the Adidas Union Berlin 2020-2021 home jersey is red with a white collar and half yellow, half white cuffs.

10: Arminia Bielefeld

The biggest downside of the Arminia Bielefeld 2020-21 home kit is that it does not feature the traditional blue color of the team.

11: Frankfurt

Comapred to Nike's previous Frankfurt home kits the latest effort is lame - the subtle graphic does not have any meaning yet sense for us.

9: Leverkusen

Leverkusen's 20-21 home kit is black. It is a classy yet rather boring look with the infamous Jako design on the sleeves.

8: Hertha Berlin

7: Bayern München

Bayern's 20-21 home kit is a bit too plain- It might become a classic if Bayern Munich has a perfect 2019-20 / 2020-21 season.

16: Köln

Cologne's new 20-21 home kit with its different interrupted red stripes does not look bad. If it would have one center stripe without the odd stripe on both sides continued on the sleeves it would have been better.

5: Freiburg

Hummel's only team in the Bundesliga received a nice three-color kit.

4: Schalke

Schalke's 20-21 home kit is as classy as classy can be.

3: Bremen

Bremen's 20-21 home kit is all about diamonds, and it looks pretty damn good.

2: Dortmund

BVB's 20-21 home kit is one of Puma's best kits for the 2020-21 season. It greatly fits the young always-attacking club.

1: Mainz

The boldest 20-21 Bundesliga kit is our favorite. The new Mainz 05 2020-2021 home kit comes with the club's new trademark design on the sleeves - a good choice of the Carnival club.

What do you think of our choice? Which is your favorite 20-21 Bundesliga jersey? Let us know in the comments below.