Roundel Logos Takeover

Update: Swiss football fan @andrinunterwegs "took the trouble to analyze some of the recent changes of coat of arms in English football - and is shocked."

Roundel Logos Takeover England

Various English tams have changed their logo to a round design, including Manchester City, Forest Green Rovers and Bentford.

Recent Logo Launches: Many Football Clubs Opt For Circular Crests

This week, Spanish La Liga club Deportivo Alavés unveiled its new logo. The new logo ditches the unique pennant shape of the previous crest in favor for a simple circle. Deportivo Alavés was not the first team who recently did a similar change... Thanks to @phildelves for the heads-up.

Recent Logo Launches: Many Football Clubs Opt For Circular Crests

Some clubs who launched a rounded logo recently.

In the past few years, many soccer clubs ditched their old logo or released their first-ever logo. Many, many of them opted for a circular design - Alavés is the most recent example, while other teams who released a rounded logo recently are Inter Miami CF, Stockport County, Toulouse, Charlotte FC (new MLS team) and Brentford.

As mentioned by football crest expert @TheFCIndex, there are several reasons for clubs to have a round logo.

  • Social & Gaming (small sizes)
  • No detail gets lost on a colour background (kits)
  • Easy to invert/outline
  • Someone else did it last year and it was a success

Of course, there are some examples of teams who launched a non-circular logo recently. Some prime examples are Iceland and Juventus.

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