Temperature Increases When Shirt Is Tucked In

Ever wondered if they are disadvantages of wearing a shirt tucked on? If so, you might have not considered that one problem with wearing a shirt tucked might be an increased chance of getting a heatstroke - now a Japanese experiment has been doing the rounds on social media.

Japanese Experiment: Temperature Of Students Increases By 4 Degrees When Shirt Is Tucked In

Two years ago, there had been a very hot summer in Japan. Back then, Japanese teacher Dr. Naomichi Tomita made an experiment to measure the impacts to the temperature of a shirt being tucked. He found out that is is cooler to have the shirt tucked in.

"It is cooler to put out the hem of the gym suit shirt." Dr. Naomichi Tomita (61), who teaches science at a junior high school in Maebashi City, Gunma Prefecture, derived these results in an experiment using thermography. At the junior high school site, the shirt hem is being instructed, but Tomita says he wants us to consider it as a measure against heat stroke.

The temperature was about 4 degrees lower if the shirt was untucked

The experiment was conducted from June to July. Two of the four students exercise with the shirt hem in (in) and two out (out), and the temperature is measured by thermography after exercise. Comparing the body temperature two minutes later, the temperature of the out students was 29 to 30 degrees, which was about 4 degrees lower than that of the in students.

Professor Tomita announced the results of the tailing experiment at the national conference of the Science Education and Research Council held in Takasaki Cityin August 2020. There was a great response from science teachers from all over the country.

There is some uncertain if the results can be transferred to soccer first due to the very small experimental group and the lack of more info on the experiment, which was possibly accomplished inside.

In soccer nowadays, there are very few footballers who have their shirt tucked in. In fact, the only two who had their shirt tucked in the UEFA final tournament were Adama Traore and Joshua Kimmich, while the likes of Jesus Navas wore their shirt untucked (Kimmich only wore it tucked in at the start of the match).

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Are you wearing your shirt tucked in? Have you made similar experiences with heat when wearing a shirt tucked in? Share your thoughts in the comments below.