Benfica 20-21 Third Kit Released

The classy white, black and golden new SL Benfica third kit was released today. It is made by Adidas and will be worn in the 2020-2021 Primeira Liga.

It is the first time after 23 years that Adidas will release an official Benfica third shirt.

Benfica Adidas 20-21 Third Shirt

Check out Adidas' Benfica 2020-21 third football shirt below.

The Adidas Benfica 2020-21 third football shirt was created using Adidas custom kits service adidas miteam. The Adidas Benfica 20-21 third jersey combines a white base with black / gold logos and a golden graphic design.

A closer look reveals that the graphic design is the same seen on many other Adidas 20-21 jerseys. The graphic was first created for the Colombia 2019 Copa America the Adidas SL Benfica 20-21 third shirt.

The new Benfica 2020-21 third strip was launched on 18 September 2020.

Benfica 20-21 Home & Away Kits

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