FC Crotone 20-21 Home, Away & Third Serie A Kits Revealed

The new FC Crotone home, away and third jerseys were released today. They are made by Zeus and will be worn in the 2020-2021 Serie A.

Zeus FC Crotone 2020-21 Home Kit

This is the FC Crotone 2020-2021 home shirt, made by Zeus.

The Zeus FC Crotone 2020-21 shirt boasts an oen-of-a-kind design in the club's traditional ren and navy blue colors, combined with grey for logos.

The Zeus Crotone 20-21 home jersey comes with relatively thick stripes that include a zig-zag pattern and grey applications.

In the lower left of the Zeus Crotone 20-21 home jersey is a subtle emobssed sharp element taken from the club logo.

The shorts of the FC Crotone 2020-21 home kit are navy.

Zeus FC Crotone 2020-2021 Away Kit

Check out Zeus' FC Crotone 2020-2021 away shirt below.

Just as the home jersey, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-21 away football shirt has an extraordinary look. Mainly white, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-2021 away jersey boasts a red and blue graphic design inspired by the map and landscape of the city of Cortone.

FC Crotone 2020-21 Third Kit

This is the FC Crotone 20-21 third football shirt, made by Zeus.

Possibly the most striking shirt of the collection, the Zeus FC Crotone 2020-2021 third football shirt is military green with striking pinkish-red logos and applications. The Zeus Crotone 20-21 third shirt also has an all-over graphic.

F.C. Crotone 2020-21 Keeper Kits

The new FC Crotone 20-21 keeper strips have bright and modern looks. Crotone's 2020-2021 keeper kits are available in a striking fluo-green and in a nearly as striking fluo-blue.

Crotone's new 2020-21 home, away and third kits are not available to buy yet.

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