Insane? Is Puma's 'Honeycomb' 20-21 Kit The Most Used Template Ever?

Tuesday, 15 September 2020
Yesterday, we featured one of the most often used kits in the 2020-21 season, the Nike Trophy IV. However, there might be a kit design that is used more often than the Nike Trophy IV and all other 2020-2021 teamwear kits - introducing the Puma Teamfinal 21 Jersey.

Nike Teams Who Use Same Trophy IV Shirt For 20-21 Kits

Dozens Of Teams Use Puma Teamfinal 21 Graphic Jersey

The Puma Graphic jersey has a modern yet simple look with a sublimated seasonal Hexagonal front panel graphic. The look has been chosen by dozens of teams worldwide, especially in the "Green Glimmer/Aqua Green" colorway.

Teams use the kit as player and keeper jerseysThe reasons for why the Puma Teamfinal Graphic jersey has been seen so often during the release summer are pretty simple. First, it is one of only three new Puma teamwear kits for 2020-21. Second, it is used as goalkeeper kit by all Puma teams.

So, with small teams using the Teamfinal Graphic jersey as player jersey and big teams (and also small teams) using it as keeper kit, the Puma Graphic 21 kit might has become the most used template in history.

The Puma Teamfinal 21 Graphic jersey might be the most often used teamwear kit everIn fact, the Puma Teamfinal Graphic jersey is available in at least 10 different basic color combos, but the turquoise one is exceptionally popular. That might be also because it clashes with almost no other usual opponent's team color.

Puma Teamfinal Graphic 21 Jersey- Features:
Sublimated seasonal Hexagonal front panel graphic
New shaped PUMA Formstripe across back and shoulders
Flat ended ribbed v-neck with open cuffs and hem
100% polyester

The Puma Final Graphic Jersey retails at a price of 25 Euro.

Are you a fan of the Puma Final Graphic Jersey? What do you think of such many team's decision to use that turquoise color? Comment below.
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