Nike France vs Croatia - 2018 World Cup Final vs 2020 Home + Away Kits - In Detail

France yesterday earned a 4-2 home win over Croatia in the top-tier Nations League Group 3 match on Tuesday. The result was a copy of the 2018 World Cup final - we compare the kits worn in both matches, as well as Nike's 2018 and 2020 away kits for both countries.



Nike Croatia Euro 2020 Home Kit Released

Nike France vs Croatia Kits

In the 2018 World Cup final and in the 2020 UEFA Nations League match, both teams wore their respective home kits. France opted for a navy / navy / red combo, while Croatia wore the same shirt / shorts / socks color combo as in the 2018 World Cup final.

The new Nike Croatia and France 2020 kits are based on the streamlined Nike 2020 template (logically), while the Nike Croatia and France 2020 kits are based on the Nike 2018 Vaporknit template.


The France 2020 home kit has a classic-inspired design, whereas the France 2018 World Cup home kit is a prime example of Nike's 2018 template and jerseys in general.

The Croatia 2020 home kit, meanwhile, is a lot different to the 2018 home kit, but not at first glance. The checkers and colors are nearly identical, but it are the sleeves and the back that make a huge difference. Croatia's 2018 kit is plain on the back and the sleeves, while the 2020 iteration continues the checkers concept on the sleeves and the back (we very much prefer the 2020 version).


The Nike France 2018 World Cup away kit had a subtle all-over print, while the 2020 away kit is solid-colored. Together with the different shade of blue (2018 - navy vs 2020 -blue), it is much cleaner.

For Croatia, Nike designed a new design for the away kit in 2020, while the 2018 away shirt was the same as the home kit except the colors.

Nike France Euro 2020 Home Kit Released

2018 or 2020? Which Nike kits do you prefer? Share your thoughts in the comments below.