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Pescara 20-21 Home, Away & Third Kits Released - Third Available In Two Colors

Shortly after the third, which is available in two colorways, Pescara Calcio's 2020-21 home and away kits were officially unveiled.

Serie B club Pescara presented its new Errea third jersey. The new Errea Pescara 2020-21 third jersey introduces an elegant design, available in two colors.

Pescara Errea 2020-21 Home Kit

Check out Errea's Pescara 20-21 home football shirt below.

The Errea Pescara Calcio 2020-2021 home jersey is very traditional with sky blue stripes on a white base. Gold trim is present both next to the center blue stripes as well as on the collar and cuffs.

A subtle geometric pattern on the inside of the stripes rounds off what is a very clean and classy look

Pescara 2020-21 Away Shirt

Check out Errea's Pescara Calcio 2020-21 away football shirt below.

The Errea Pescara 2020-21 away jersey brings a new look in green with a subtle graphic ont he front as well as blue and gold trim on the collar, cuffs and sides.

Pescara 2020-21 Third Shirt

This is the new Errea Pescara third football shirt for 2020-21.

Elegance and identity are mixed in the Errea Pescara 20-21 third shirt. The Errea Pescara 20-21 third jersey is blue with wide white vertical band in which the image of the dolphin, symbol of the club, appears.

The polo-cut collar is white / navy to round off the elegant look.

The Errea Pescara 20-21 third football shirt is also offered in an identical dark blue version with white applications and light blue details.

In the inner neck of the four Pescara 20-21 shirts is a “skyline” dedicated to the Ponte del Mare, a cable-stayed walking & cycling bridge that has quickly become a true icon of Pescara.

Pescara's 2020-2021 third strip was released on September 2. The Pescara Calcio 20-21 third uniform is not available to buy yet.

Pescara's 20-21 third kit will be also worn by the club's keepers.

What do you think of the new Pescara Calcio 2020-21 home, away and third shirts? Drop us a line below.