Ranking & Rating All 10 Nike 20-21 Third Kits

Sunday, 13 September 2020
Following the release of the new Nike 20-21 third kits, we've produced our ranking of the 9 new Nike (plus one from Jordan) jerseys we'll see on the pitches during the Champions League 'European Nights' this season.

Nike 20-21 Third Kits Revealed - Atletico, Barcelona, Chelsea, Inter & More

Nike 20-21 Third Kits - Ranked & Rated By Footy Headlines

It can be said that the Nike 2020-21 third kits were not very popular among many fans. The Air Max inspiration was not the problem for many but the strange colors / color combos used, as well as the pretty lame designs for some teams like Liverpool.

Our top 3 is made up of Roma's, Leipzig's and PSG's jerseys.

Chelsea: 1/10

Chelsea's kit looks like some t-shirt you would wear when choosing a shirt to wear at the beach when lying in the sand.

Liverpool: 2/10

Liverpool's 2020-21 kit is "influenced by the array of chequered flags and banners seen at Anfield". The checker execution of the design is not pretty inspiring.

Barcelona: 3/10

Pink, black and turquoise, it is easy to see why many don't like Barca's new 3rd strip.

Atletico: 5/10

Usually, Volt Nike kits do almost never look bad. However, with Atletico Madrid's 2020-2021 third kit the rule is not confirmed...

Galatasaray: 5.5/10

Inspired by the fires and pyro of Galatasaray's fans, the Gala 20-21 third kit has a good inspiration but not a great execution.

Tottenham: 7/10

We love the colors but not the design of the Spurs 20-21 third kit.

Inter Milan: 8/10

Internazionale's 20-21 third kit looks great, but it would be better with all logos centered.

AS Roma: 8.5/10

On of our Top 3 Nike 2020-21 Air Max third kits. We like the color combo and the Safari print, but might be influenced by our own colors...

Leipzig: 8.5/10

A bold design, Leipzig's Nike 2020-2021 third kit perfectly fits the team's DNA.

Paris Saint-Germain: 9/10 9/10

Despite not being released yet, we already fall in love with the classy Jordan PSG 2020-2021 third kit.

All the new Nike 20-21 third kits will go on sale throughout September 2020.

Which is your favorite Nike 2020-21 third kit? Are you a fan of Nike's third 2020-21 kits in general? Comment below.
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