Manchester City 20-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" Kit Released - To Be Not Worn

In May, during the COVID-19 lockdown, Puma offered fans the chance to design their own City shirt. Now the winning design has been revealed, chosen from more than 1,000 entries from across the world.

Manchester City's new 20-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" uniform will be not worn by the club. The new Manchester City FC 20-21 'Design A Kit' shirt has been designed by nine-year-old Lucy Beth from Dublin.

Manchester City 2020-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" Kit

Check out the Manchester City 2020-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" shirt below.

Manchester City's 20-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" shirt boasts a unique gradient design in sky blue, white and pink. The Manchester City 2020-2021 Contest jersey comes with contrasting pink / sky blue sleeves and black for logos.

Lucy Beth also explained the design.

"I chose this design because they already have stripes and I just thought I’d rather have a pop of colour, so I did the stripes on the inside. I had to keep the blue because Man City is blue, so I added the pink for a pop of colour."

“I am so excited to win this competition and I still can’t believe Sergio Aguero made a video just for me. PUMA did a great job. I can’t believe my design became a real jersey – it’s a thumbs up from me!”

Manchester City FC's 20-21 "Design-A-Kit-Contest" strip is not available to buy, but the club has 20 of these shirts to give away.

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