Puma King 'KidSuper' 2020 Boots Released - To Be Worn By Bellerin In Premier League Match

Already in June 2020, Arsenal's Hector Bellerin was wearing a special pair of Puma football shoes in training. Now the new Puma King Top Di boots will be launched.

The new King Top Di cleats from Puma are part of a collaboration between Puma, KidSuper and Hector Bellerin. KidSuper is a "trendy apparel store featuring vibrant men's & women's shirts, hats & other streetwear", based in New York City.

Puma King Top Di 'KidSuper' - White / Gold / Fluo-Yellow / Blue

Check out the new Puma King cleats from the 'KidSuper Bellerin' pack below.

The new 'White / Gold / Fluo-Yellow / Blue' Puma King boots introduce a bold look for the traditional leather Puma Soccer cleat. They combine a white leather base with hand-drawn detailing on the upper and KidSuper branding on the PUMA Formstripe and heel.

Héctor Bellerín is going to wear the shoe in the Premier League

Bellerín has an interest in topics outside of the footballing world, most notably fashion. “The fact that it says KidSuper on the Formstripe and that Héctor Bellerín is going to wear it in the Premier League is absolutely crazy,” said Colm Dillane, designer of the shoe and founder of KidSuper. “When we were designing it, we were thinking of Héctor.”

Héctor said to make as cool a boot as we want.

Bellerín, who played a large part in getting 424 to become the official outfitter of Arsenal last year, was deeply involved in the design process. “At first we wanted to make it kind of subtle,” explains Dillane. “But Héctor said to make as cool a boot as we want.”

“Colm and I decided to make one black and one white. We played around with secondary colors a little bit and we made two really cool ones and then we decided to go with white,” explains Bellerín. “I felt like the white one expresses better what KidSuper is about.”

The Puma King football boots from the KidSuper Bellerin collection are identical to the inaugural edition in terms of tech.

Black "prototype"

Puma King Top Di 'KidSuper' - Features

  • Premium K-leather with silicone backing
  • Iconic fold-over tongue
  • Lightweight outsole with conical stud figuration
  • Price: around 200 Euro
  • Colorway: White / Gold / Fluo-Yellow / Blue
  • Release date: 22 October 2020

Puma's new King cleats are set to be available from October 2020, retailing at around 200 Euro.

Héctor Bellerín will be wearing the Puma 'Hector Bellerin' King Top Di boots during an upcoming Premier League game.

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