Puma x Unisport Ultra 'The Drip' 2020 Boots Released - Unisport 25 Years

Scandinavian store Unisport and Puma teamed up for a special edition of the Puma Ultra. The Limited Edition Puma Ultra Unisport boot is called The Drip, celebrating the store's 25-years anniversary.

‘The Drip’ is a slang term

‘The Drip’ is a slang term, which means you have swagger, especially in how you look. You’re hot. You’re cool. You’re on point. You’ve got the sauce. Hip-hop artists have been using the term 'sauce' as slang for swagger and luxury-branded clothing and accessories since at least 2013."

Puma Ultra 1.1 'The Drip' - Black / Red / Yellow

This picture shows the Puma 'The Drip' Ultra 1.1 football boots.

Inspired by Puma's Tricks cleat concept, the left shoe is black / red, while the right shoe is black / yellow. The designs looks like sauce is dripping off the boots - in the colors of red and yellow.

On the heel of the left shoe is the number of each pair, while the right shoe features the Roman numeral XXV for Unisport's 25-years anniversary. On the heel of both shoes is the Unisport logo.

The Puma Ultra 1.1 boots from the new '25 Years Unisport' collection are the same as all previous colorways looking at tech.

Puma Ultra 1.1 'The Drip - 25 Years Unisport' - Features

  • Light: Lightweight MATRYXEVO woven upper constructed with reactive Kevlar and Carbon yarns for support during fast-forward motion.
  • Speed: Ultra-fast pebax speed unit outsole infused with running spike DNA for rapid acceleration
  • Finishing: GripControl Pro coating for decisive command over the ball when on the attack.
  • Outer Material: Fabric
  • Inner Material: Textile
  • Sole: Synthetic
  • Closure: Lace-Up
  • Price: around 200 Euro
  • Colorway: Black / Red / Yellow
  • Release date: 26 October 2020

95 pairs of the Puma 'The Drip' Ultra 1.1 boots are available from 26 October 2020.

Let's hear your thoughts on the new Puma Ultra 1.1 Special Edition Unisport boots below.