​Rating All Adidas Humanrace Jerseys - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United and Real Madrid

A few days ago Adidas surprised us with the release of the 'Humanrace' jersey for its elite teams. And to say that it was a controversial launch would be an understatement. On one hand, lots of people made fun of the designs and their tie-dye style. Then again, they've sold fantastically well from what we've heard so there must be some fans, too.

While there are definitely valid criticisms - to name just two, the shirts are fully-sublimated and don't feature any applications, while the logos look almost comically due to the lost detail - we don't think that all of the designs are straight up awful. What follows is our ranking of the five shirts, as chosen by the team here at Footy Headlines...

Adidas x Pharrell 'Human Race' Football Kits Released - Arsenal, Bayern, Juventus, Manchester United & Real Madrid - To be Worn In-Match(!)

Juventus 2/5

The Juventus shirt is based on the most recent jersey out of the full collection, to celebrate Adidas' arrival at the club in 2015-16. This is a less than ideal choice in my opinion and the fact that both the club and sponsor logos look very bad makes this look like someone tried to paint their own version of the shirt.

Manchester United 2.5/5

This one's okay, neither very bad nor well done. What we didn't like is the fact that the original graphic was not implemented more cleanly, while, once again, the club logo looks absolutely odd. The Humanrace text on the chest and lower back should have received the same treatment at least as it stands out like a bit of a sore thumb right now.

Bayern 3.5/5

The old shirt is absolutely iconic, but this remake falls short in some aspects: first, it features the current sponsor, likely due to the fact that it will be worn in-match, the logo looks very cartoony, and, most importantly, there is an unnecessary paint splatter effect applied all over.

Arsenal 4/5

The Arsenal shirt is a fresh new take on the 'bruised banana' classic - it strays further from the inspiration than the other shirts, which is a sensible choice in my opinion as we've seen both a straight remake as well as a modern kit inspired by the classic within the past year. The old logo looks very nice here.

Real Madrid 4.5/5

Real Madrid's Humanrace shirt is our favorite of the bunch. The original is absolutely stunning and has aged fantastically while the style works very well for the dragon graphic on the front. The subpar logo is the only thing preventing this from getting the perfect score.

Adidas x Pharrell Real Madrid 20-21 Humanrace Kit Released - to Be Worn Ahead of El Clásico

There you have it, this is our ranking of the five Adidas x Humanrace football shirts released two days ago. Let us know your thoughts on the range in the comments below.