Worst 10 Kits of 20-21 Champions League

Yesterday, we selected the best 10 kits of the 2020-21 UEFA Champions League. The first matches have been played yesterday night - today we select the 10 Worst Kits Of the 2020-2021 Champions League.

All 20-21 Champions League Kits - Almost 100 Different Shirts

Worst Football Kits of 2020-21 UEFA Champions League

10 FC Salzburg 20-21 Champions League Away

9 Manchester United 20-21 Away

8 Liverpool 20-21 Third

7 Krasnodar 20-21 Away

6 Inter 20-21 Away

5 Real Madrid 20-21 Away

4 Dortmund 20-21 Third

3 Stade Rennes 20-21 Away

We do not like the design of the Stade Rennes 2020-2021 away kit, despite being bespoke. The shirts "combines the local Breton colours which appear on the “Gwenn-ha-du” flag - creating a grey textured look which varies across each unit produced, meaning there are as many as 100 distinct designs".

2 Chelsea 20-21 Third

It was quite logical to choose the Chelsea 2020-2021 third kit as one of the 10 worst of the season in overall, and it is also one of the worst of the 2020-21 Champions League. But not the worst for us...

1 Istanbul BB 20-21 Third

Istanbul BB's 2020-2021 third kit was one of the last shirts to be released. The color combo just looks horrific, and the 'eagle x B' design looks awful as well. We think many will agree with that choice.

What do you think of our selection? Which shirts should not have been included in your opinion? Let us know in the comments below.