All End Tonight: 3 Incredible 2020 Football Single's Day Sales - Store Offers "Same Prices As For Black Friday", Includes Official Nike

It is 11.11.2020 today, which marks the 2020 Single's Day. Single's Day has been the biggest sales day in China since a few years, and has now also "arrived globally" - there is even one store making the bold statement of offering the same prices as for Black Friday.

Shop All Football Items Of Nike 25% Sale

All the deals featured in this article will end at midnight in around 10 hours.

2020 Single's Day - Best Football Offers

Nike Europe: Shop All Football Items Of Nike 25% Sale - Code MEMBER25 has one sale for Europe and another for the United States.

Nike Europe: Shop All Football Items Of Nike 25% Sale - Code MEMBER25

The Europe sale gives you off 25% off almost everything (Nike+ members - every user who creates a Nike account). The Nike deal Ends 11 November 2020 22:59 PM BST. You just have to create a Nike account and enter 'MEMBER25'. USA Members Flash Sale Soccer - CODE SIGNIN

The USA sale gives you off up to 50% Off Select Styles With Code SIGNIN. The sale requires you to log in - products included are the 2020 national team kits and various other new kits, boots and other gear.

Futbol Emotion

Futbol Emotion Single's Day Sale - "Same Prices As Black Friday"

Spanish-based football store Fútbol Emotion makes the bold offer of having the same prices for Single's Day as for Black Friday. You do not have to enter a code here.


Kitbag 25% Off Sale Most Items

Football kit specialists Kitbag give you off 25% off almost all items using Code BAG25. The discount is applied automatically.

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