Football Fan Creates Concept Kits for Every UK Supermarket

Football fan Joe Parton (@jkparton93) imagined how football shirts for all big supermarkets in the UK could look like according to their colours and brand identity. The inspiration for this project probably was another #NerdConceptChallenge by Italian football enthusiasts @football_nerds looking to combine concept shirts with grocery stores, although Joe never officially participated.

Fortunately, club supporters and football fans alike will be allowed to enter stadiums again next month depending on the current coronavirus restrictions in the local area which means that the previous three-tier system will return and the second lockdown is over. Specific capacity limits are not known yet.

Parton's football shirts merge corporate identities and their color compositions with the fashionable clothing football kits have become. For example, Lidl's half-and-half home kit is directly inspired by the company's logo, the same goes for Aldi UK. Check out all of his propositions below.




Iceland Foods







What do you think of Joe Parton's concept football kits for UK's biggest grocery stores? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and make sure to check out Dan & Joe's podcast "We Found A Game" with a new episode coming out every week.