How Adidas' Leicester City 21-22 Home Kit Could Look Like If Again Based On Template

In the 2020-2021 season, Premier League club Leicester City did not receive completely bespoke kits but jerseys based on teamwear (home) / other team's kits (away) and miadidas (third) . We have imagined how a Adidas Leicester City 21-22 home jersey could look like if based on standard teamwear.

Leicester City 20-21 Home Kit Revealed - 'Thailand Smiles With You'

Adidas Leicester City 2021-22 Concept Home Kit

Check out our Leicester City 2021-22 concept home jersey below.

Using the two new main Adidas teamwear templates for the 2021-22 season, our two Adidas Leicester City FC 2021-2022 home jerseys both combine a blue base with white for logos and applications.

We created two teamwear-based examples of the Adidas Leicester City 21-22 concept home jersey - one based on the Adidas Condivo 20, the other based on the Adidas Campeon 21.

Condivo 20 Replaced After 1 Year: All-New Adidas Condivo 21 Teamwear Template Leaked - 2021-22 Season

In fact, the Adidas Campeon 21 jersey will be available on miadidas, we can exclusively reveal. In one of the brand's catalogs there is an example of how it will look like - it seems quite fitting for LCFC, with just the black color not suitng them.

2020-21 away & third shirts

There is no actual leaked info about the Adidas Leicester City 2021-22 kits yet.

Do you think Leicester will receive unique kits for the 21-22 season by Adidas? Do you like our teamwear-based Adidas Leicester City concept home kits? Drop us a line below.