Ignored By Adidas, Nike & Others: Why Women's Do Not Want To Wear White Shorts Anymore

The football sports industry has been heavily dominated by Men's since ever it was established, with Women's football forbidden in countries like England and Germany until 1970 and still not welcomed by some people and countries. Now The Athletic made a story of how is it like to play football on your period, revealing that there are some problems Men's would never think about.

Women's Do Not Want White Shorts Because Of Period & "Leaking"

The reason for Women's to not want white shorts is their period and the leaking. No matter how many periods women's had in their life, leaking can happen and is completely normal, but it causes problems with white shorts revealing it.

According to English first division players Sophie Howard and Carly Telford leaking is a topic in the changing room.

Leaking is a topic in the changing room, I can’t lie.Embed from Getty Images

However, brands seem to have been not aware of it at all until now. In fact, 10 of 13 clubs in the WSL (England's first Women's division) over last few seasons have had white shorts as part of their home kits

Who in their right minds would give a women’s football team white shorts?

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