Messi Pays Tribute to Maradona by Wearing His Old Shirt Under Barça Shirt For Full Game

Lionel Messi paid tribute to the late Diego Maradona earlier today after he scored his team's fourth goal against Osasuna.

Having scored a fantastic shot in the 73rd minute, Messi took of his Barcelona shirt and revealed that he had been wearing an old Maradona shirt underneath for the full game. He then celebrated by pointing his arms up and looking up at the sky.

The shirt worn by Messi was an actual old shirt that Maradona wore during his time at Messi's childhood club Newell's, for who Maradona played in the 1993-94 season.

An amazing tribute to one of the greatest players of all time, stay tuned for our upcoming article about how the football teams and players around the world paid homage to Diego Maradona this week.

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