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Two Teams, One Club: New Houston Dynamo & Houston Dash Logos Unveiled

Today, Texas-based MLS outfit Houston Dynamo announced significant changes to the club's visual identity as they unveiled a new logo. Additionally, Houston Dash also received a new logo. Now, both logos bear a more obvious resemblance than before to also unify the family that Houston Dynamo and Houston Dash are on a visual basis.

Houston Dynamo FC 2020 Logo & Rebranding

The new Houston Dynamo 2020 logo introduces a lot of changes. Most importantly, the overall shape was changed to now be a hexagon which features two borders. Within these black and orange lines are the three elements that will represent Houston Dynamo F.C. in the future: an orange design element of the initials HD, the white lettering Houston Dynamo FC underneath and an orange lightning graphic at the bottom.

Additionally, the color composition was altered to now only consist of three colors: black, orange and white, whereas the previous logo also incorporated sky blue. Most importantly, the new Houston Dynamo 2020 logo puts an emphasis on the club's hometown with a more prominent appearance of the writing within the logo, while also looking back at the club's inaugural 2006 MLS season by using a hexagonal shape.

For the club's officials Houston Dynamo's 2020 rebranding is an evolution that rightfully also finds its way into the club's visual identity as John Walker explains:

“We just finished our 15th season. When the Dynamo first came to Houston in 2006, it was just the team. They didn’t really have the stadium. They didn’t have a locker room. They didn’t have offices,” team president John Walker said. “It has evolved into something much bigger than just the team, and so this rebrand is really symbolic of an evolution.”

“This process started over two years ago, so it was at that time that we circled a date on the calendar to do it at the end of the 15th season. We thought that would be a turning of the page from the first chapter of the club, and then we’ve evolved, and now we’re coming out with a new version of the club.”

Lastly, Houston Dynamo also added F.C. for football club to the franchise's name.

Houston Dash 2020 Logo

Houston Dash's 2020 rebranding follows the same approach to have a unified visual identity for both Houston football clubs from now on: the new Houston Dash 2020 logo features a hexagonal shape with a sky blue line surrounding similar design elements. This time, the middle part is composed of a massive H in orange and sky blue with the white writing Houston Dash and an orange star sitting underneath.

“This evolution has been a focal point for our Club for the last two years as we strive to exemplify the unique spirit of the city. Houston’s culture, innovation and love for the sport brought us to this momentous day and we reached this turning point with the incredible support of our fans, staff and agency partner, 9th Wonder,” said Dynamo and Dash Chief Marketing Officer Katie Scallan. “Our Club is defined by the city we call home, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

What do you think of the rebranding for both Houston football clubs, Houston Dynamo FC and Houston Dash? Drop us a line below.