Much Better Quality Than Before: 'The Terrace' Reveals First Teamwear Kits

Update: There have been a few revelations ever since we first covered smaller brand 'The Terrace'. They are definitely committed to their plan of producing own football shirts and have shared a first sneak peek at their new teamwear catalog. Additionally, they showed a few close-ups of a proposed teamwear jersey.

The seams look solid, there are small ventilation holes presumably on the sides, the brand's own logo as is heat-applied. Of course, it will be interesting to see how club badges will be implemented considering the heat-applied application of the company's logo and the cheap-looking badge of Banbury's FA Cup kit.

We were accused by the brand that our article was wrong with the quality of their kits. However, we referred to the quality of the Banbury FA Cup kit, which is of much worse quality than their new 2021 teamwear shirts. A very welcomed change for the better for the brand's kits.

Banbury's FA Cup kit looks much worse than the new teamwear shirts

All in all, it does look like a viable alternative for lower-league clubs, if the price is right and the promised customization options are really possible. They claim "bespoke touches added as standard" (in other words no additional charge).

Original Article - 21 November 2020: New Player In The Kit Maker Game? 'The Terrace' To Start Producing Custom Kits For Teams

A new player is set to enter the market for custom football kits for smaller teams - The Terrace, a brand known for cheap retro and lifestyle football products.

The Terrace has started producing performance products recently (including 20-21 kits for Banbury United) but is better known for retro football and sport culture items. They describe themselves as "retailer for unique, personalized and fan loved merchandise and gifts."

The Terrace To Start Making Custom Football Kits For Teams

As announced on Twitter, "Hard work [is] going on behind the scenes preparing [their] 2021 kit supply catalogue". This means that the brand has decided to enter the market for custom football kits, with the first-ever teamwear catalogue set to be launched soon. However, that was not everything.

The Terrace Teamwear Football Kit - First Shirt Showcased

The Terrace also showcased a very promising first teamwear football kit that they have designed for their catalogue - it boasts a modern look in black and anthracite with striking red details. The Terrace logo sits on the right chest.

The Terrace kits for Banbury United retail at just 30 GBPHowever, the first showcased is a 3D render - the first kits that "they" acutally produced for Banbury United for are not looking as great in real life.

The Terrace Banbury United 20-21 FA Cup Special Kit

The Terrace Banbury United 2020-21 FA Cup special shirt has a bold design in red, white and yellow.

The Banbury United 20-21 kits retail at a fair price of just 30 GBP. So what is the downside?

The Terrace's kits for Banbury United look like being on a very low levelIn terms of quality and tech, The Terrace's kits for Banbury United look like being on the lowest level of what is acceptable - it is obvious why the RRP is as low as 30 GBP.

Otherwise, nothing about the The Terrace's custom football kits and their teamwear offering is known yet.

However, if your club is interested in new bespoke kits for next season, you can get in touch with the 'The Terrace' via e-mail (

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