Almost Perfect 1-1 Reissue: Adidas Arsenal 1992 vs 2020 Kit

Adidas this month released a special retro edition of their 1990-1992 home kit. As said by the Three Stripes, the remake shirt is an 1-1 reissue of the original kit - now Thai football equipment experts UnderStuds compared the original shirt from 1992 with the reissued kit.

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Adidas Arsenal 1990-1992 vs 2020 Remake Kits

As the images reveal, Adidas did not promise too much when seeing it is a 1-1 reissue. The classic and the remake are almost impossible to distinguish, with the main difference being that the OG shirt has some details that are not in perfect conditons anymore.

In contrast to the OG kit, the Arsenal text of the club crest of the remake has no shadowHowever, a closer look reveals that they are some small differences. In example, the Arsenal text of the club crest of the OG kit has a shadow, while the retro remake comes without it. Other differences include the tag (most obvious difference) - the Original kit was made in the UK; while the remake has been produced in Cambodia.

Another difference between the two shirts is that the "Retro" is an S size while "OG" is a size 38-40 (M).

UnderStuds summed up all the differences between the two kits.

Arsenal 1990-1992 Original vs Retro Kits - Differences

Fabric and pattern on the shirt: Both of them are shiny shiny fabrics that are very close to each other, almost indistinguishable. The "OG" fabric looks a little red inside, but this is likely due to the old being washed

Club crest: Both crests have a similar velvet material. But there are some differences. For example, the club name "Arsenal" on "OG" has a shadow in the lettering itself, while the "Retro" does not have a shadow. The size of the original emblem is slightly larger.

Adidas logo: Both of course have the classic "Trefoil" logo. The 2020 "retro" has a velvet material that looks tighter than the "OG". This might be also because of the condition of the old kit.

Sponsor: The sponsor at that time was "JVC", a famous electric company from Japan, both of which were made of velvet and padded with thin foam. They are almost indistinguishable.

Three Stripes on Shoulder: The navy of the Three Stripes of the 2020 "Retro" is slightly smaller than the one of the "OG".

Tag: This is the most obvious difference, with the "Retro" longer than the "OG". There is also no size under the adidas logo like with the original. The shirt size has been moved to the bottom instead.

Inside sewing: There is almost no difference in sewing methods.

Place of production: The new one is made in Cambodia. The original was made in the UK.

Shirt shape: The "Retro" body is slightly tighter (possibly because of the condition). It also has sleeves that are longer than the original in a similar shirt size.

The original Adidas Arsenal 1990-1992 OG kit retails at prices of more than 200 GBP, while reissue is available for 65 GBP.

Should the big brands release more such retro reissue kits? Are you surprised how similar both shirts are? What do you think of the design of the Adidas Arsenal 1990-1992 retro kit in general? Let us know in the comments below.