Awesome or Insane? Embellished Football Kits By Diana Al Shammari

Football and fashion have become more connected in recent years, with clubs like PSG even showing off their collection at fashion shows such as the Paris Fashion Week. A less-known player in the football market is Diana Al Shammari, a creator of embellished football kits - let us find more about her work.

Based in London, Diana Al Shammari is known as @TheFootballGal on Instagram. The Football Gal jerseys "make your soccer kit dreams come true to life". As described in a portrait about her on The Soccer Blogger, "Diana Al Shammari has taken over the football fashion industry by surprise".

Diana Al Shammari (@TheFootballGal) - Embellisher Of Football Shirts - From Embroidered Roses To Gold Embellishments

The Football Gal takes standard kits and embellishes them with custom elements. The aim is to make jerseys more fashionable as "the standard jerseys were somewhat boring and could never be dressed up".

Diana Al Shammari is known as The Football Gal on Social Media

Diana Al Shammari teamed up Nike during the 2019 Women's World Cup and with Puma for Italy's 2020 kits, which are a tribute to Italian renaissance art.

"The special one-off jerseys are designed to celebrate Italy’s history, culture and personality as PUMA merge football with art and fashion. All three jerseys take inspiration from Italian renaissance, high-end fashion, art deco and art nouveau merging elements of nature, geometry and symmetry."

The embellishments look great for some and bad for other kits

It takes Diana around 2-3 days on average to create a shirt.

We think that her embellishments look really great for kits where it is fitting such as Italy's Renaissance jerseys, while it does not look good on some others, especially if the embellished elements do not match the colors and style of the kit.

Originally announced for a launch on December 11 2020, we expect the TheFootballGal's online store to be launched this weekend.

What do you think of these custom football shirts? Do you like things like embroidered roses on kits? Comment below, and check out the portrait of her on The Soccer Blogger.