Black or White Shorts? Napoli's Argentina 20-21 Fourth Kit in Action

Since Napoli unveiled and debuted their new fourth shirt that is a tribute to the late Diego Maradona around 2 weeks have passed. Napoli already used the opportunity to wear their new Argentine-inspired fourth shirt by Kappa on multiple occasions and won every single game in their new outfit up until this point.

Napoli's 2020-21 fourth jersey was debuted against AS Roma (4-0) and subsequently worn against Crotone (4-0) and Sampdoria (2-1). Interestingly, Napoli also already tried out different combinations of shirt, shorts and socks (white shorts against Roma and Sampdoria, black shorts against Crotone). Let's take a closer look.

Pre-Orderable: Argentine-Inspired Napoli 20-21 Fourth Kit Released

SSC Napoli 2020-2021 Fourth Kit

Napoli's 2020-21 fourth shirt received praise from football shirt lovers and regular football fans alike upon reveal and is already sold out in the club's online store. It features an Argentine-esque look that impresses with its simple elegance on the pitch.

However, there is one question that we could not get out of our heads: should Napoli rather wear black or white shorts in combination with the tribute to the late Diego Maradona? Since Napoli already tested both options, we now have a clearer picture and have to admit that black shorts come closer to the ideal of imitating Maradona's look in an Argentina football shirt. This makes it a more fitting tribute - at least in our humble opinion.

Which combination do you prefer? Black or white shorts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.