Here Is What Inspired Arsenal's 2021-22 Away Kit

A few days ago, we leaked the first info about Arsenal's upcoming away shirt that is set to bring back the iconic cannon logo that is surrounded by a shield by now. This article was created in collaboration with Football Kit Archive.

Up until 1990, Arsenal still used the cannon on their football shirts and adidas looked at this time period for orientation. In fact, they looked at two specific football shirts that are iconic classics as they both combine Arsenal's traditional away kit colours: yellow and navy.

Adidas does not only look in the past since they will introduce next season's away shirt with a modern twist: it features an uncommon shade of yellow called "Pearl Citrine". The accent color is not known yet, navy would be true to Arsenal's history.

EXCLUSIVE: Arsenal 21-22 Away Kit Info Leaked

Arsenal 1969-70 Football Kit Inspired Arsenal 2021-22 Away Jersey

This Bukta Arsenal football shirt inspired the upcoming adidas Arsenal 21-22 away uniform.

Mainly yellow, the Bukta Arsenal FC 1969-70 away shirt features a very clean design and is also composed of cotton which is characteristic for football shirts out of this era. Another remarkable point is the fact that this shirt was first used in November 1968 without a cannon and lasted until 1977.

It also comes without any details other than the iconic cannon on the left chest. This football shirt was only produced in a long sleeve version. Different times.

adidas Arsenal FC 1988-91 Football Shirt

The second look that inspired next season's uniform is Arsenal's away shirt that was used for three seasons during the late 1980s (1988-91). It is also mainly yellow with navy accents.

However, it embodies the changes in the football business within 2 decades: it features the sponsor logo of a former Japanese electronics company on the front, a supplier logo on the right chest and a bigger focus on details.

The shirt itself combines a yellow body with navy sleeves. A navy V-neck with red and yellow trim as well as subtle jacquard stripes on the body complete the classy appearance.

Do you like both shirts that served as a starting point for Adidas' kit designers? Are you excited for Arsenal's return to yellow although in an uncommon shade? Drop us a line below, and make sure to check out Arsenal's full kit history on Football Kit Archive.