Mexican Team Sells One-of-a-Kind Packages Of Kits

When we posted about the new Leones Negros 2020-21 third kit that was released this month, we were not only stunned by the shirt but also by something different - Leones Negros are not only selling the kit individually but also in special multi packages.

Leones Negros Sells 20-21 Kits In Multi-Packages For Reduced Price

Called "Tri-Pack", Leones Negros is offering their fans to buy the home, away and third in one package. The Tri-Pack is available for 2100 Mexican Peso (104 USD), which is 600 Mexican Peso (30 USD) less is you buy them individually (104 USD instead of 134 USD, or around 22%).

The Duo package safe fans 16,5%

However, the Tri-Pack is not the only package Leones Negros is selling. They also offer a duo of home and away kits as well as a duo of Men's and Women's jerseys combined - so couples can perfectly kit themselves out. It is also a great gift idea for Christmas, whether the wife, the husband or both are fans.

It is the perfect gift idea for ChristmasThe Duo packages safe fans 16,5% [1500 Mexican Peso instead of 1798 (899 + 899) Mexican Peso].

Leones Negros Duo Jerseys (Home + Away)

1500 Mexican Peso instead of 1798 (899 + 899) Mexican Peso - 16.574% decrease

Leones Negros Duo (third jersey men + home jersey women)

1500 Mexican Peso instead of 1798 (899 + 899) Mexican Peso - 16.574% decrease

Leones Negros Tri-Pack

2100 Mexican Peso instead of 2697 (899 x 3) Mexican Peso - 22.1357% decrease

In fact, we have previously already seen teams selling packages of kits at the end of a season, but not a Tri-Pack and not a package of Men's / Women's kits combined.

What do you think of the idea to sell kits in packages for a better price? Have you seen other teams doing something similar? Share your thoughts in the comments below.