Parma 20-21 1998-99 Remake Kit Released

Parma's new 2020-21 1998-99 remake jersey was released today. It is made by Errea and will be worn in next season's Serie A campaign.

The Parma 2020-2021 1998-99 remake kit is inspired by the home shirt that was produced by fellow Italian supplier Lotto for the 1998-99 campaign. It is one of Parma's most successful seasons as they won the UEFA Cup and Coppa Italia. The squad featured exciting players such as Gianluigi Buffon, Fabio Cannavaro, Hernán Crespo or Lilian Thuram.

The inspiration - 1998-99 Parma A.C. home jersey

Parma Errea 2020-2021 1998-99 Remake Jersey

This is the new Errea Parma 1998-99 remake jersey for 2020-21.

Closely inspired by the original, the Errea Parma 2020-21 1998-99 remake shirt features yellow and blue hoops on the front and back that get continued on the sleeves. There is 1 thin white / blue line fading towards the middle on each side of every blue hoop with one slim white line separating the blue and yellow horizontal stripes. There is a subtle gradient towards each side of the blue hoops.

A blue collar with yellow trim and yellow sleeve cuffs with blue trim add to the look, while the only new element are the added trophies within the collar. Errea's logo on the right chest is navy, while Parma's sits on the opposite chest with the writing 'LEGENDS' underneath. A yellow cutout for the blue numbers on the back interrupts the hoops look.

Parma's new 2020-2021 1998-99 remake kit is available since December 12, retailing at €79.

Made by Errea. Are you a fan of Parma's 1998-99 remake jersey? Let us know in the comments below, and check out the 21-22 Kit Overview for more.