To Make Room for Sponsor Logos? Heerenveen's Player Names Are Written on Back of Collar

Yesterday, football fan @OfficielKaybaye noticed something we have never witnessed before: Sportclub Heerenveen printed the player names on the back of the collar against PSV Eindhoven.

SC Heerenveen Prints Player Names On Back Of Collar

Normally, the player name is written above or underneath the number nowadays. If one takes a look at these possibilities you immediately notice that these spaces are occupied by massive red sponsor logos. Since this is the case Heerenveen got inventive and decided to print white player names on the back of the collar for their match shirts.

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This decision was most likely taken to maximize sponsor income as it is also not as important to know a player's name if the referee can make out the number since player names and numbers are connected with each other. If the referee knows one of both, he can find out the other variable after the game.

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Interestingly, the club sells their football shirt with player names and displays them in a preview where they would be normally: above the number. The club's name is nowhere to be found on the back of the football kit.

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What do you think of this imaginative way of displaying the player names on the back of the football shirt? Do you agree with our assumption as to why the club did it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.