Unbelievable Expensive? Prices For Classic Kits Are Exploding

Have you ever thought about getting a classic kit from of the time before the 2000s or selling your classic shirts to make some money? If the second case applies you are in a rather good position currently. We take a look at iconic classic kits that were recently added to Classic Football Shirts.

Classic Football Shirts is by far the largest retailer for classic football shirts. They are based in Manchester but of course delivering worldwide for fair shipping costs.

Newly Added Iconic Kits Of Classic Football Shirts

Classic Football Shirts recently added such iconic kits as the Adidas 1991-93 Arsenal Away Shirt or a 1993-95 Manchester United Away Shirt Cantona #7 shirt. However, while we are sure that most of you would love to have those kits, the prices likely prevent you from that idea.

Prices for classic kits have risen a lot recentlyThe Adidas Arsenal 91-93 away kit retails at 350 GBP, while the Cantona shirt has a price tag of 250 GBP - a good investment if you bought a bulk of those kits when they were launched...

In fact, the prices for classic shirts have risen a lot recently, as revealed by the retailer in 2018. Below is an example of the price development of the Arsenal 2005-06 Centenary kit.

Better Investment Than Bitcoin? How Classic Football Shirts Have Risen in Value

Of course, it is important to understand how Classic Football Shirts (and stores in general) set the prices. Whenever adding a new item, they set a relatively high price - if nobody buys the shirt for that price, they reduce the price. This is repeated if the price was still too high for people to buy it, but there is a limit of how much a price is being reduced.

In example, Classic Football Shirts will never sell an Adidas Arsenal 1991-93 away kit for two-digit sum but we are sure they will reduce the price if nobody buys it for 350 GBP...

Most old kits are much, much cheaperOther products for which the demand is not as high and which are not hard to get are much, much cheaper, logically. In example, you can get hundreds of kits on Classic Football Shirts for less than 20 GBP - they have a special section called "Shirts Under 20 GBP".

£79.99: 1999-01 Bayern Munich Home Shirt (Excellent) XXL

£149.99: 1996-97 Dortmund Home L/S Shirt (Excellent) L

£124.99: 2004-06 Holland Home Shirt Robben #19 (Excellent) XL

£249.99: 1993-95 Manchester United Away Shirt Cantona #7 (Very Good) XL

£349.99: 1991-93 Arsenal Away Shirt (Excellent) L

£249.99: 1991-92 Sampdoria Home L/S Shirt (Excellent) L

£249.99: 2003-05 Manchester United Third Shirt Ronaldo #7 (Excellent) XL

£349.99: 1994-96 Denmark Match Issue GK Shirt #16 (Krogh)

£49.99: 2006-08 Barcelona Away Shirt (Excellent) XL

Shirts Under 20 GBP Clearance - Classic Football Shirts

Would you get any of these kits for that price? Share your thoughts in the comments below.