Wellington Phoenix 20-21 Home & Away Kits Revealed

Update: One month after the home shirt, Wellington Phoenix's new 2020-2021 away shirt was unveiled. The Wellington Phoenix 2020-21 kits are made by Paladin and will be worn in the A-League.

Wellington Phoenix Paladin 20-21 Home Shirt

Check out Paladin's Wellington Phoenix 2020-2021 home football shirt below.

Combining the club's traditional colours, the Paladin Wellington Phoenix 20-21 home shirt is mainly yellow with black accents such as the sponsor logos on the chest. The outstanding feature are two centered stripes running on the front of the Paladin Wellington Phoenix 2020-21 shirt that feature a pattern within. This pattern depicts the topographical map detail of Wellington’s iconic Mount Victoria.

“Yellow is an iconic part of our club’s brand and culture, as are the black stripes – and even though the team is proud to be based in Wollongong for the season, we feel this jersey symbolises our connection back to Wellington and Aotearoa, where we’ve left our fans and family behind.”

Wellington Phoenix 2020-21 Away Kit

The new Wellington Phoenix away kit pays homage to the club’s New Zealand origins as it bases itself in Wollongong, Australia for the season.

Designed by Paladin Sports, the new Wellington Phoenix FC 2020-21 away kit introduces a graduated blue and aqua colourway – with the design again drawing on the story of Ngake and Whataitai, the taniwha of Wellington harbour in Māori mythology.

Wellington Phoenix General Manager David Dome, says that while the home kit drew on the geography of Mount Victoria which overlooks Wellington Harbour, the away kit instead focuses on the harbour itself.

“Last season during the club’s cultural awareness day, the players were given the rare opportunity to paddle a Waka (a traditional Māori canoe) out into Wellington Harbour,” says Dome.

“In the process they learnt how Māori relied on strong teamwork and communication many years ago to pilot these Waka, and how the story of Ngake and Whataitai – who legend says lived at the bottom of the harbour – has been integrated into the Wellington Phoenix’s origins and beliefs.”

“It was a very special day for them, and for myself, so to see this journey symbolised in our away kit is very important, very special to our club.”

The home kit is available to pre-order and will be dispatched from January 18 2021, while the away shirt will be made available to buy at a later point.

Made by Paladin. What do you think about Wellington Phoenix's home kit? Drop us a line below, and browse the 21-22 Kit Overview for more football kit leaks.