Which Of The Different Combos Is The Best For Manchester United's 20-21 Third Kit?

Update: In the Premier League match away against Burnley, Manchester United wore another different combo of their 2020-21 third kit - black shorts and white socks. We most like that combo of the Dazzle Camo uniform.

Man United got a quite interesting kit set from Adidas for the 2020-2021 season. While the home and away kits have not left a remarkable impression, one of the Man Utd 20-21 kits could become a cult classic- the Dazzle Camo Adidas Man Utd 20-21 third kit.

Manchester United 20-21 Third Kit Released

Man United 20-21 Third Kit - 4 Different Combos

The Manchester United 20-21 third kit has been seen in at least four totally different combos by now - dazzle camo | white shorts & socks | black shorts & socks | black shorts & white socks. However, the dazzle camo won't be worn by the team, as made clear by the club after the release.

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OFFICIAL: Manchester United Team Will NOT Wear 'Camo' Third Kit Shorts & Socks

We most like the black shorts / white socks comboThe first choice for Man Utd are accompanying white shorts and white socks. However, the team wore the kit at least two times with black shorts and socks, and once with black shorts and white socks - we most like the black / white option.

White Shorts and Socks - First Choice

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Black Shorts and White Socks

Black Shorts and Socks

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Dazzle Camo Shorts and Socks - Scrapped - Fans Only

The Manchester United 2020-21 third kit is also available with dazzle camo shorts and socks. However, Adidas and the team decided that those will not be worn by the players. They are available for the fans to buy.

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The Man Utd 20-21 third kit is on a good way to become a cult classicWhich combo is your favorite for the Manchester United 20-21 third kit? Comment below.