20 Beautiful Japanese Lower Division 2021 Kits

In the past few weeks, all of the Japanese first division teams have released their new kits for the 2021 J1 League season. However, they are not the only Japanese teams that launched new kits - we take a look at the unique jerseys from 10 Japanese lower division teams for the 2021 season, revealing that not only the top teams get custom kits in Japan.

2021 Japanese Lower Division Football Kits

The kits of Japanese lower division teams are mainly not made by Adidas or Nike but by smaller local brands such as Athleta and Mizuno. What is interesting is that Brazilian brand Penalty has quite a few Japanese teams under contract, while they are not active as kit maker on the Brazilian or any other market.

Our three favorite lower-league Japanese football kits featured here are those of Ventforet Kofu (home), Blancdieu Hirosaki (pink - home) and Tochigi City (home).

AC Nagano Parceiro

Blancdieu Hirosaki FC

Giravanz Kitakyushu

Kagoshima United FC

Kamatamare Sanuki

Kochi United

Roasso Kumamoto

Suzuka Point Getters

Tochigi City

Ventforet Kofu

OVERVIEW: All J League 2021 Kits

Which of these Japanese lower league kits is your favorite? Would you like smaller teams from European countries to get bespoke kits as well? Comment below.